Sekspop hand tilt een water flesje

Advanced hand skeleton

DutchDoll has developed an extremely realistic hand skeleton after a long period of development and testing. All models beginning with model year mid-2023, come standard with this advanced skeleton. Until recently, the hands of sex dolls were made of simple steel wires. With that you could move the fingers into position, but it was not […]

New sex doll models

DutchDoll has completely revamped and significantly upgraded its assortment. As of April 2023, all models are made with updated (EVO+) skeletons and a much improved and updated TPE (v3.0) for the skin. As a result, our sex dolls are extremely realistic and sophisticated. What are the differences between old- and new sex doll models? DutchDoll’s […]

New sexdoll torso

We are proud of our new sex doll torsos. These are much more detailed than our old model Lize and feature an even better skeleton and breasts filled with gel. Because the new model is life-size, and the breasts have grown significantly, the weight is also slightly higher and more realistic. See below the difference […]

Free skeleton upgrade

All models come free with an upgraded EVO+ skeleton. This skeleton is one of the most solid and flexible skeletons on the market. All pivot points are extra flexible, allowing for much greater freedom of movement. The good news is that we were able to make this new skeleton without increasing costs. Therefore, we can […]