New sex doll models

DutchDoll has completely revamped and significantly upgraded its assortment. As of April 2023, all models are made with updated (EVO+) skeletons and a much improved and updated TPE (v3.0) for the skin. As a result, our sex dolls are extremely realistic and sophisticated.

What are the differences between old- and new sex doll models?

DutchDoll’s old and new models are hardly comparable. All materials have been improved, providing a completely different level of appearance, flexibility and realism. Below we have made a comparison between old and new.

  Old New
Skeleton Standard EVO+
TPE  Standard V3.0 
Hand skeleton
Gel breasts ✔ (> cup C)
Finish Standard Premium
Wigs Basic Premium
Vagina Basic Ultra realistic
Certificate of Authenticity

Below is a comparison between our best-selling large-breasted model, Vivienne, and one of our new large-breasted models.

New Torsos

In addition to our new full-size sex dolls, we also launched new torsos. Read more about this via: