Sekspop hand tilt een water flesje

Advanced hand skeleton

DutchDoll has developed an extremely realistic hand skeleton after a long period of development and testing. All models beginning with model year mid-2023, come standard with this advanced skeleton.

Until recently, the hands of sex dolls were made of simple steel wires. With that you could move the fingers into position, but it was not possible to hold objects. Also, the movements were not natural.

We have now introduced a hand type that contains a skeleton, which can make very similar movements to a human hand.

Watch the film below for more information

All DutchDoll models delivered as of June 1 come standard with the hand skeleton.

Although the hand skeleton is made of very fine parts, it is a lot sturdier than the standard fingers seen on most other brands.

We think a real skeleton in the hands is a necessary option, as are standing feet and gel breasts. Therefore, we always provide this skeleton for free with our models.