Realistische zachte borsten die met gel zijn gevuld.

All about gel breasts for sex dolls

Sex dolls are generally available with three different breast type: (1) full TPE (2) part TPE, part air and (3) part TPE, part gel-like TPE,

The advantages and disadvantages of these variants are as follows:

Standard breasts (full TPE)

+ Inexpensive to purchase. Standard breasts are often around €75 cheaper than gel breasts

+ Easy to make and therefore less quality problems

– Relatively hard. Feels much less realistic as a result

Hollow breasts (part TPE, part air)

+ Relatively inexpensive. In terms of price, this is between standard breasts and gel breasts

+ Slightly lighter in weight than standard or gel breasts

+ Softer than full TPE breasts

– Feels a bit unnatural compared to gel breasts

Gel breasts (TPE and gel-like TPE)

+ Hardness and suppleness is very similar to real breasts.

– Not possible with smaller cup sizes

– Relatively expensive

– Relatively difficult to make

– Less realistic with small cup sizes

Which breast type is best for a sex doll?

If you are going for a realistic sex doll, then gel breasts are superior to standard or hollow breasts. The disadvantages are (a) it’s a lot more expensive and (b) it is applicable only to premium brands.

At DutchDoll, we always strive to create the most realistic and lifelike models. All new models with a cup size C or higher, will therefore come with gel breasts starting in mid-2023.

For now, the smaller cup sizes will come with an upgraded version standard breasts. The softer TPE we use for these also makes them feel much more realistic than before.