DutchDoll business

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of premium sex dolls? Then you have come to the right place.

DutchDoll has been one of the more popular brands of sex dolls in Europe for many years. Since 2018, DutchDoll’s mission has been to develop the most realistic and high-quality sex dolls for everyone’s budget.

In doing so, we believe it is important that all premium options, such as TPE v3.0, gel breasts and finger skeleton come free on all dolls. Our models meet the highest quality standards and are designed specifically for the European customer.

The advantages of DutchDoll b2b

DutchDoll has two branches in the Netherlands, from where delivery throughout Europe can be made within a few days. We always have more than 1,000 models in stock. You therefore do not need any stock yourself

Are you submitting an order before 2 p.m.? Then we will ship it the same business day. Within the Netherlands and Belgium, we deliver standard next business day.

In Germany and France, delivery time is about 3-4 business days, depending on location.

In addition to providing the very best quality dolls, we also continuously strive to make our models more affordable. We do this by, among other things:

  • Standardization and a limited number of item numbers
  • Targeting high volumes

In addition to a low consumer price, this allows us to offer you very attractive margins.

DutchDoll has high quality photos available of all models. In addition, factory photos are also available.

DutchDoll is one of the few providers, fully approved for the European market. All materials are fully tested according to European standards.

In the EU, it is mandatory to include a manual in at least one of the official languages of the country in which delivery is made. DutchDoll includes a manual in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch

DutchDoll has been the best-selling brand in the Netherlands and Belgium for many years. A large proportion of our customers buy multiple dolls because they have had good experiences with our brand.

The DutchDoll brand is also emerging strongly in Germany and France, and here too we are seeing more and more repeat customers.

Consumers rate us an average of 9.5. In fact, our outlets are rated an average of 9.7. (28/7/2023 – average score all outlets)

At DutchDoll, we like to keep things organized. We therefore work with a limited number of distributors per country.

We will, if requested, list the name of your store on our site so buyers can immediately see that you are an official outlet.

Become a distributor?

Would you like to offer our products through your (web) store? If so, please contact us without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At DutchDoll, we do not work with minimum order quantities. However, we do expect you to seriously promote the brand with the intention of selling as much as possible.

With higher numbers of orders, you will be placed in a higher class though, which will lower your prices.

We believe it is important that our models are only sold through professional outlets, which specialize in selling lifelike dolls. Sales through platforms such as and are therefore not allowed.

Margins depend on several factors, but are equal, or better than market, in all cases. Contact us for a no-obligation proposal.

DutchDoll supplies various accessories, such as eyes and wigs.

We do not supply heating elements or sound modules. This is because they are usually not (fully) CE approved and are potentially a fire hazard.

It is not possible at DutchDoll to put sex dolls together yourself.

We work with standard products, all of which have their own item number. This allows us to organize our logistics very efficiently and thus keep prices low.

In addition, this ensures that we can extensively test each item number, guaranteeing you receive the best quality.

To eliminate the demand for customization, we always deliver each model full-options.

For B2B sales, our business terms of sale apply. Ask us for terms and conditions.

In addition to the general business terms of sale, we have some important requirements:

  1. Your (web) shop strives for the very best customer satisfaction
  2. Your (web) shop is affiliated with an independent trustmark, where customers can leave reviews.
  3. Your (web) shop is registered in the European Union and you have a valid VAT number.
  4. Your (web)shop follows the intellectual property rules of both DutchDoll and other sex doll suppliers.