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DutchDoll provides the highest quality sex dolls. All premium options such as gel breasts, EVO+ skeleton and foot with stand function are included.

Realistische sexdoll Mia. Blond haar en blauwe ogen.
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Realistische Sexdoll Torso
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Why DutchDoll?

EVO+ skelet voor sekspop. Flexibele rug en schouders.

Premium (EVO+) skeleton

All new models come with our updated EVO+ skeleton. This skeleton is superior to previous models due to the addition of additional pivot points. This makes her extra flexible and realistic. Almost all sex positions are possible as a result.


Extra soft skin

DutchDoll launched the new TPE v3.0 skin in 2023. It has a structure and hardness even closer to real human skin than before. An additional advantage of this material, is that it is slightly lighter than older versions of TPE.

Bovenlichaam sexpop met wit topje aan
Sekspop hand tilt een water flesje

Finger skeleton

All DutchDoll models are equipped with a highly advanced and unique skeleton in the fingers. This skeleton allows you to move the fingers like real human models. It can even hold light objects, which is ideal for photography.


Gel breasts

DutchDoll provides gel breasts on all models with a cup-C or larger. These breasts feel incredibly soft and realistic. You can even move them up and down like real human breasts.


Realistische zachte borsten die met gel zijn gevuld.
Realistische sekspop vagina met anus en hand

Ultra realistic vagina

Of course, sexual pleasure was not lost sight of either. After years of development, DutchDoll introduced an extra realistic vagina in 2023. The internal structure provides ultimate pleasure.

Especially when using a small amount of water-based lubricant, you hardly feel the difference from a real vagina.

Certificate of Authenticity

A real DutchDoll you recognize immediately. The quality and degree of realism are of a very high level and, of course, the models are the same as in the pictures.

To give you, the buyer, even more assurance of authenticity, all official resellers supply an authenticity code along with the product. You can check these online, so you know immediately if you have an authentic doll.

All about DutchDoll

DutchDoll has been one of the more popular brands of sex dolls in Europe for many years. Since 2018, DutchDoll’s mission has been to develop the most realistic and high-quality sex dolls for everyone’s budget.

In doing so, we believe it is important that all premium options, such as TPE v3.0, gel breasts and finger skeleton come free on all dolls. Our models meet the highest quality standards and are designed specifically for the European customer.

DutchDoll® strives to keep the cost of a sex doll as low as possible, from design to logistics. We focus on what’s really important about a sex doll: Making top quality accessible to everyone.

Each sex doll is manufactured to the highest standards. From the robustness of the skeleton to the precision of the facial features, every part is designed with attention to the smallest details

Durable sex doll from DutchDoll

DutchDoll uses high-quality materials for this, including TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and a metal skeleton. These materials are durable and easy to maintain, making them long lasting and always in top condition. Moreover, these materials are hypoallergenic and safe for use.

At DutchDoll®, we like to keep everything simple and straightforward. Sharp prices, fast delivery times and only a limited number of models. Those who order their sex doll before 2 p.m. will, in most cases, have her delivered the next day!

DutchDoll’s sex dolls are designed to provide a realistic experience similar to real sex. The dolls have an anatomically correct structure and feature realistic features such as movable joints and soft skin. All this contributes to an authentic and very exciting experience.

Ultimate sex doll experience

Compared to other designed sex dolls from manufacturers, DutchDoll delivers the most realistic experience you can get. Our sex doll is unlike any other supplier because of its unique elements.

DutchDoll provides sex dolls in different sizes and with different external features, making it easy to find a doll that meets your needs. Dolls are available in different lengths, with different breast sizes and with different hair colors and styles to suit every preference.

DutchDoll offers maximum discretion and privacy. Each sex doll is packaged and shipped extra discreetly. There is never any mention of the product or sender on the packaging. This ensures that you can purchase your sex doll completely anonymously.

DutchDoll offers excellent support and warranty for their products. You can count on expert guidance in choosing and using your sex doll. In addition, DutchDoll offers a warranty on all products.

DutchDoll has been one of the best-selling sexdoll brands in Europe for many years and has gained a very positive reputation over the years. DutchDoll is known for its excellent quality, at a very low price.

Customers rate us with an average score of over 9, which is why we are the specialist in sex dolls for a reason.