Sex dolls

A good sex doll does not have to be expensive. DutchDoll®’s models show that. A sex doll from DutchDoll® features premium elastomer and the most exclusive options. DutchDoll®’s models are also available extremely fast. Discover the models of DutchDoll® and be surprised!

Sex dolls
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What is a lifelike sex doll?

A lifelike sexdoll is a masturbator with an extremely realistic look. The velvety soft elastomer and robust metal skeleton give a lifelike sex doll natural look. The lifelike sex doll is more popular than ever. It is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for a lifelike experience. Useful, for example, when you have been single for a long time and have no desire for a steady relationship. Or when you just want to enjoy a threesome with your partner. A lifelike sex doll is also very suitable as a (photo) model or mannequin.

Sex doll, lovedoll or realdoll?

Actually, everyone uses the terms sex doll, lovedoll and realdoll interchangeably. There are also different ways of spelling: sexdoll and sex doll. Actually, these are all synonyms with the exception of the term realdoll. Realdoll is officially a brand name. In practice, this term is used appropriately and inappropriately as a synonym for sex doll, but this is therefore not quite correct.

Buy a lifelike sex doll at DutchDoll®.

DutchDoll® sells realistic and high quality sex dolls in many versions. We supply sex dolls in various lengths. DutchDoll® Lexie is an example of a compact and lightweight sex doll. This sex doll is only 26 kg, so is very easy to move around. For those looking for extra realism, we also have life-size models for sale. DutchDoll® Emma is an example of one of our life-size models, a dazzling blonde 167 cm tall. Our sex dolls are available in various cup sizes: from cup size B to DD. We supply sex dolls with small breasts, such as DutchDoll® Bella. This blonde has an athletic build and a modest A cup. Of course we have also thought about the lovers of large breasts. DutchDoll® Mila is an example of a sex doll with a large cup size, a busty brunette with a voluptuous and feminine appearance.

What sexdolls are there?

There are different types of sex dolls available in our assortment. Here are some of the most popular types:

Life-size sex dolls are a type of sexdoll that has become popular with people looking for a very realistic and satisfying experience. These dolls are designed to accurately mimic the shape and appearance of a human body, and some models even have detailed facial expressions and realistic hair.

Life-size sex dolls are made from high-quality materials such as TPE 3.0 (thermoplastic elastomer). The material offers a lifelike texture and provide a soft, skin-like touch. The doll’s internal skeleton is made of metal, allowing the doll to be placed in different positions.

A sex doll torso, also known as a torso masturbator, is a sexual toy that is shaped like the upper body of a woman or man, including the breasts, abdomen and genitals. Unlike a full life-size sexdoll, a sexdoll torso focuses only on the upper part of the body.

A sexdoll torso is made of high-quality materials such as TPE 3.0 (thermoplastic elastomer). These materials offer a realistic and soft texture, similar to human skin. The torso often has detailed features, such as realistically shaped breasts and detailed genitals.

DutchDoll®, the brand in sex dolls

You don’t just buy a lifelike sexdoll. A lifelike sex doll costs a lot of money and therefore it is important not to take any chances. That’s why you can come to DutchDoll® for personal advice. Our customer service is available by phone, chat or email. Besides this advice we offer the possibility to visit our showroom. By visiting our showroom you can find out which model of DutchDoll® suits you best.