86H – Adele


Meet Adele, our newest sex doll torso with large gel breasts and realistic skeleton. Adele is 86 cm tall, has brown hair, blue eyes and skin made of high-quality TPE material.

This premium model is perfect for masturbation, foreplay or together with a partner. Adele offers a high-quality and realistic experience you won’t soon forget. Order her today and discover for yourself why Adele is the ultimate sex doll torso.

Identical to the picture
Made of premium TPE
Free premium Torso skelet
Free gel breasts

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86H - Adele  695,00
New Collection. This model features the latest and most innovative options.
Authentic DutchDoll. Features a serial code that you can check online.

Lifelike sex doll torso

This sex doll torso is a realistic replica of the top of the female body, including breasts, abdomen and genitals. The biggest advantage of this torso is the ability to have a realistic sexual experience without the need for a full sex doll with arms and legs. This makes handling and storing the sex doll torso easier and discreet.

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Sex doll torsos 86H – Adele 48

Focus on details

With this torso, attention has been paid to the finest details to provide the most realistic experience possible. Adele’s design is such that her breasts move and feel like real breasts, and her realistic skeleton provides the ability to place her in various positions. Adele is made of high-quality materials that are safe and easy to clean, allowing the user to fully focus on the intense and lifelike sexual experience.

Realistic gel breasts

This torso has large breasts that are filled with gel, making them feel almost as realistic as real breasts. The design of the breasts is made to move and provide the user with a lifelike and intense experience.

Sex doll torsos 86H – Adele 49
Sex doll torsos 86H – Adele 50

Available in two varieties

This torso is available in two variations with only a different hair color. Temporarily it comes with both wigs, giving you two variants for the price of one.

Additional information




Premium TPE (v3.0)


Premium Torso skeleton


86 cm

Cup size

H cup

Chest size

93 cm

Breast type


Waist size

63 cm

Hip size

105 cm

Vagina type

Realistic fixed vagina with internal structure

Vagina depth

18 cm

Anus depth

16 cm

Mouth depth

13 cm


Including tongue


26 kg

Eye color


Hair color


Skin color



Manual with certificate of authenticity, random outfit, vaginal douche, gloves, soft cloth