About the 159E body type

Are you looking for a slightly larger model sex doll, with large breasts and a realistic appearance and would rather she not be too heavy? Then check out this model. This model is at least 10 kg lighter than similar models from other brands.

Like all DutchDoll models, she is equipped with the most luxurious options, such as hand skeleton, EVO+ skeleton, foot with stand function and ultra realistic vagina.

Life-size sex dolls 159E – Mila 65
EVO+ skelet voor sekspop. Flexibele rug en schouders.

Just the right flexibility

All our models are uiterust with our most advanced EVO+ skeleton of the moment. This skeleton has extra- and enhanced joints, allowing her to make almost the same movements as a real woman. As standard, we also supply this model with a skeleton in the fingers.

This allows you to put the fingers in realistic positions and she can even hold light objects.

Large gel breasts

Are you a lover of large breasts? Then this could be the model for you! Our 159 cm E-cup models come standard with soft, gel-filled breasts. This makes them feel very realistic.

Life-size sex dolls 159E – Mila 67



Premium TPE (v3.0)


Premium skeleton with extra flexibility (EVO+)


With finger skeleton


159 cm

Cup size

E cup

Chest size

81 cm

Breast type


Waist size

47 cm

Hip size

79 cm

Foot type

Foot with standing function

Foot length

20 cm

Vagina type

Realistic fixed vagina with internal structure

Vagina depth

18 cm

Anus depth

16 cm

Mouth depth

13 cm


29 kg


Manual with certificate of authenticity, random outfit, vaginal douche, gloves, soft cloth