Sex doll manual

Each DutchDoll is very easy to use and maintain. In this article, we explain to you exactly what you should, or shouldn’t, do. This article is written specifically for DutchDoll models from mid-2023 onward.


Once you open the package, you will see the body of the sex doll wrapped in a plastic sleeve. The sex doll’s head is not attached to the body and is individually wrapped. First, take the head and accessories out of the package.

When unpacking your sex doll, keep in mind the weight of the sex doll. You can make lifting the doll easier by pulling the sex doll’s legs forward a bit. This provides more support and stability. Make sure you are in a good position and then lift your sex doll out of the package.

Place the head on the sex doll

All of our new models come with a quick-release head connector. This makes it easy to click the head onto the body.

Follow these steps to place it easily:

  1. Put your sex doll in a sitting position
  2. Screw the quick connector into the neck
  3. Click the head on the shortcut

Do you find that the head goes on and off too easily, or too hard? Then you can adjust the quick disconnect slightly tighter or looser with an Allen wrench.

Place the wig on the head

This film explains the easiest way to place the wig on the head.

How do I move my sex doll?

You can put a sex doll in different body positions. The doll can make virtually any movement that you yourself can. Experiment carefully with the range of motion and never use a lot of force in any movement.

How do I clean a sex doll?

Clean the doll using water and mild soap. That could be shower gel, for example. For the inside, you can use the included vaginal douche. With this, you easily rinse her clean after use.

For drying, you can use a microfiber cloth. Always dry the doll thoroughly; do this gently with dabbing motions.


After reading this article, do you still have questions about using your sex doll? If so, please feel free to contact us. We will regularly add to our manual. We will update the most frequently asked questions below.

In the past, it was often advised to powder your doll after every use, or at least once every 2 weeks. That was the only way to keep the skin from drying out. This is still the case with many cheaper brands.

At DutchDoll, we use the latest generation of TPE where you no longer have to do this proactively. We recommend doing this only if you notice the skin getting a little dry or sticky.

You can adjust the supplied quick release that sits between the head and torso a little tighter. Use an Allen wrench to do this.