We always do our utmost to deliver our products to you in top condition. We always check your sex doll for transport, so the chance of a defect is very small. Of course, it can happen that an item breaks during transport, does not function properly or that another problem with a product is. If something does go wrong, we will of course solve this for you. On this page you will find more information about the warranty on our articles.

What should I do if my doll arrives damaged?

Step 1: check your doll upon receipt. We offer extensive quality control and always check your doll before shipment. Of course, something can always happen during transport, which damages the doll. If there are any visible defects, contact us as soon as possible and do not use the doll.

Step 2: Send us a photo or video of the damage. Did your sex doll come in damaged? In order to assess the defect and quickly find a solution, it is best to send us a number of photos by e-mail on which the damage is clearly visible. In this way, our customer service can assess the complaint and you will have a substantive response within 48 hours on working days. Contact our customer service via info@dutchdoll.netor use our contact form.

Step 3: Custom solution and repair. Depending on the situation, we will provide a suitable solution. This may be in the form of replacement or repair. Many damages and/or defects can be repaired yourself with a simple repair, so you can use the doll again the next day.

What are the warranty conditions?

In the event of material or manufacturing defects, the defect will be repaired in accordance with our warranty conditions. Is this not possible? Then another suitable solution will be offered. In addition, the warranty provision only applies if there is normal and careful use. Warranty claims for defects and / or damage caused by improper use or negligence, poor maintenance and normal usage damage and wear are excluded.

Releasing eyelashes covered by the guarantee. Before shipping, eyelashes are carefully checked for adhesion. During transport, these are carefully protected by means of an eye mask. The chance of eyelashes releasing over time is present. These can easily be re-attached by using a drop of eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is available from the drugstore

Fake nails
The release of fake nails is not covered by the warranty. We check the finger and toenails for adhesion before shipment. If a nail does comes loose, it is easy to re-attach by means of a drop of second glue or nail glue.

The ‘skin’ around the fingers is thin and fragile. Careless and/or improper use and maintenance can damage the fingers. We offer no guarantee on this. By carefully treating the fingers and protecting them from mechanical and chemical damage, it can be prevented from damaging them.

We cannot give any warranty on the wig of a sex doll, provided there are manufacturing defects. A condition for maintaining the quality of the wig is that you follow our care advice and take care of the wig with the right care products. If tangles in the hair work develop over time, we advise you free of charge how to fix this again.

Minimal deviations
We cannot guarantee that the display of the items as shown in all cases corresponds exactly with the delivered items. Sex dolls are largely made by hand, making each model unique. A minimal deviation in the production of a sex doll cannot be prevented. It remains manual and if you buy the same model twice it will never be 100% the same.

What should I do in case of usage damage that is not covered by the warranty?

If use causes damage to your sex doll that is not within the warranty, do not hesitate to contact us for a suitable solution. Most minor damages are easy to repair, in many cases even at minimal cost or even ultimately at your own expense. When it comes to skin discoloration due to exposure to dark or brightly coloured textiles or furniture, we can recommend a product with which you can fix the discoloration yourself. When it comes to minor skin damage, we will always advise you for free what needs to be done to restore the sex doll to its former state.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

There is a possibility that something might happen which is not according to plan. We recommend that you first disclose any complaints by mailing us at info@dutchdoll.net. If this does not lead to a solution, it is possible to register your dispute for mediation via Stichting WebwinkelKeur via https://www.webwinkelkeur.nl/consument/geschil/. From February 15, 2016 it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/odr. If your complaint is not yet being dealt with elsewhere, you are free to deposit your complaint via the European Union platform.