Sex robot – partner of the future?

Robots and artificial intelligence are becoming more common. We are increasingly being asked when the first sex robot will come on to the market. In this article we explain what developments there are currently, what the restrictions are and when we will bring the first sex robots to market.

How do we define a sex robot?

People have different images and ideas in a sex robot. Some see it purely as a lust object, which can’t do much more than moan. Others see it as a real partner with whom you can have a nice conversation. We choose the latter category. For us, a sex robot is a robot that looks human, behaves humanly and can do anything a real person can. We see a robot with which you can sit on the couch and have a will of your own, as the future.

Artificial intelligence

The first steps to artificial intelligence have already been taken. There are already dolls on the market that can produce sounds like moaning, and dolls that respond to touches in predefined places. This is still limited to ‘tinny’ sound and pre-programmed texts, but developments in this industry continue.

We expect it will be several years before you can have a real conversation with a sex doll in your own language. However, developments are moving very quickly. For example, look at a google home and speech recognition. Less than 2 years ago, speech recognition barely worked, and now google already knows answers to most questions.


Technically, it is possible to have a sex doll make almost the same movements as a real woman. The complexity lies mainly in the proper direction of these movements and the limitations that there are in terms of legislation. The human movement of a sex doll will be possible within the short term.


Sex robots that can move independently and with which you can actively have sex are currently still banned in most countries. Small movements such as opening and closing the mouth and eyes are allowed, but because the doll is large and relatively heavy, larger movements are not allowed. A sex robot can therefore show realistic facial expressions in the relatively short term, but not yet walk independently, or have sex.


Sex dolls can look just like the sex dolls that are on the market right now. These are lifelike and feel natural. Of course you can totally adjust the look to your taste. If you like a white, dark, fat or thin woman, you can.

Sex robots from DutchDoll

Together with some other big companies, we have been researching real sex robots for a while now. At the moment we are still bound by legislation and artificial intelligence is not yet far enough advanced. The legislation is regularly adapted and developments in artificial intelligence are moving very quickly. We therefore assume that we can buy your perfect partner from us within 5 years.

We will regularly post a new article to explain the progress.