Sexdoll Lize | 88 cm

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Sex doll Lize is a luxurious lifelike torso from DutchDoll. This torso is perfect for those looking for a toy that sits between a sex doll and a masturbator. Lize is 88 cm tall, has a tanned skin, irresistible brown eyes and large breasts. Her breasts and buttocks feel silky soft and look very natural.

This torso cannot be compared to other masturbators. This masturbator is 88 cm long, has an internal skeleton and is extremely detailed. Lize’s skin is made from the same premium TPE as our life-size sex doll models and the head is exactly the same as Yara’s.

This model is available with 3 different hair colors, which provide completely different looks.

Sexdoll Lize | 88 cm
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