New sex dolls

This week we added 4 new models to our range. We have chosen two models of 155 cm and two of 158 cm.

Both models stand out from many other dolls by their realism. We have chosen a slightly ‘fuller’ figure and because of the high-quality TPE, the skin feels extremely realistic.

Especially the 155 cm models have not the typical sex doll body, but a beautiful female body with realistic shapes. The breasts have a realistic cup and also the thighs are more the size of a real Dutch woman.

Sexdoll Emma

For lovers of large breasts we have the 158 cm models. Maria and Lucia have a nice slim body, with nice round breasts and a full ass.

On the product pages of these models we have also posted videos, so you can watch them from head to toe. All models can be delivered immediately from stock. As you’re used to from us, we’ll deliver your new dream wife in a week. Be quick, because we have limited stock.