Sex with your doll

When you have sex with your sex doll, it is important to use a water-based lubricant. A sex doll isn’t a real woman and doesn’t become wet itself. The use of lubricant prevents the skin of your doll and makes penetration easier. Do not use a silicone-based or oil based lubricant; this can damage the skin of your doll. During sex, it’s also important that you avoid leaning on the wrists of your sex doll; these are not designed for that. If you want to have sex with your doll in doggy style, we advise you to support the trunk of your doll with cushions. 

Maintenance of the TPE

Our sex dolls are made from high quality thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This material feels silky soft, is safe for health and looks like a real human skin. TPE is also porous and it is important to treat it carefully. After a while, the TPE may feel a bit sticky. Then it’s important to threat the TPE with talcum powder, which prevents against cracks and dehydration.  This talcum powder can be applied with a powder brush.

Your sex doll is not designed to put in a certain position for a longer time. If you leave her in a bent, sitting or standing position for a longer time, the TPE may tear and can be damaged. If you do not use your doll for a while, you can best place her in a neutral position with the arms and legs stretched along the body. It is also possible to hang your doll; this can be done with hooks specially designed for this purpose.

Be aware that clothing and certain surfaces may give off on the TPE, leading to stains or discoloration that are often difficult to remove. Therefore be careful with products that contain ink, such as magazines, newspapers and dark textiles. Also be careful with leather materials that contain oil-soluble pigments. It’s also important to never exposure your doll directly to the sunlight, as this can age and dry out the skin.

Maintenance of the skeleton

Our sex dolls have an internal metal skeleton with various fixed and movable joints. You can put your sex doll in different positions. In the beginning, the joints may be somewhat stiff, which makes the bending of the joints more difficult. Do not bend the joints too harshly; always do this carefully. After a while, bending will be easier. If you want to bend the legs or arms in a certain position, we recommend to bend the limbs back in the original straight position before bending them in the desired position.

Remember that your sex doll is not a real woman. Therefore, be careful when you want to move her. The internal metal skeleton makes your doll heavy, depending on the length and body shape of the doll. Avoid dropping your doll and / or pushing it against hard surfaces. This can cause damage to the skeleton and the TPE.

Cleaning body and head

It’s important to clean your sex doll every 30 days with a mild antibacterial soap (even if you do not use your doll during this time!). Showering or taking a bad with your sex doll is possible, but avoid at all times that you immerse the head of your sex doll in water. The head of your doll is best cleaned gently with a wet wash cloth. After cleaning, it is important to dry your doll well with a soft, absorbent cloth. Never use a hair dryer or other heat source for drying. After drying it is important to apply some talcum powder. You can do this with a large powder box. Talcum powder keeps the skin soft and in good condition.

Cleaning vagina, anus and mouth

The intimate parts of your doll must be carefully cleaned after each use. You can rinse the vagina, anus and mouth with a vaginal douche. You can use water and a mild antibacterial soap. After cleaning, it’s important to rinse the intimate parts again with water only until all soap has been removed. Dry the intimate parts well after use to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Treat the skin after washing and drying with some talcum powder to keep it in a good condition. To make cleaning easier, we recommend the use of a condom. 


It is possible to dress your sex doll to your preference. It’s important that clothing is not too tight and colorfast. TPE is a very porous material on which dark clothing and textiles can be dispensed. This can lead to discoloration and stains, which are often difficult to remove. Always use a special stain remover to remove stains. We do not recommend the use of a stain remover for general use, alcohol, cleaning products or chemicals. 


Our sex dolls have semi-permanent make-up on. It’s possible to use cosmetics such as lipstick or eyeshadow; this should be water-based cosmetics. Always use a mild cleaner without alcohol or oils to remove the cosmetics. Be careful with the use of perfume (this contains alcohol). In case of doubt, always spray in an invisible place.


It’s important to maintain the wig by brushing and washing it regularly.

  • Before washing you first remove the wig from the head of your doll. Make sure you first remove any tangles with a comb or brush.
  • Then place the wig in a sink with cold water and add mild shampoo. After washing, rinse the wig with water until all shampoo residue has been removed.
  • To prevent the tangling of the hair, we advise you to also wash the wig with a conditioner; the use of a conditioner spray is also possible.
  • Always let your wig air dry and preferably on a wigs standard. If you don’t have a wigs standard, you can also let the wig dry on the bath faucet.
  • Do not use a brush or comb if the hair is still wet; You can re-model the wig if it is dry. Brush your wig carefully wig for picking beginning from the points. Do not use a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron.