What is the lifespan of a sex doll?

The lifespan of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sex doll is much longer than a traditional inflatable doll. How long does a TPE sex doll actually last and what does it depend on?

What the exact lifespan of a sex doll is is not an easy question to answer. How long a sex doll lasts varies by sex doll and depends on the brand, the quality of the materials and the use/maintenance by the buyer.

Quality of the TPE
The final lifespan of a sex doll depends heavily on the quality of the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The exact composition and quality of the TPE varies from supplier to supplier. Dutchdoll distinguishes itself by using a premium mix TPE. This special TPE composition guarantees a high life span. With normal and good maintenance you can enjoy our models for years. For this reason, we give standard 2-year warranty on our models.

Conditions of use
An important factor in the lifespan of a sex doll is the conditions under which the doll is used. In general, the more frequently a sex doll is used and moved, the faster it will wear out and the less time a sex doll lasts. Like any product, all parts of a sex doll are subject to wear and tear. Exactly how long this is depends on how you deal with a sex doll. If used incorrectly, heavy-handedly or abnormally, a sex doll will wear out faster. Conversely, the more careful one is to deal with a sex doll, the longer it will last.

Level of maintenance
Most products require maintenance in normal use. With sex dolls, this is no different. Dutchdoll’s sex dolls are of high quality and can withstand a bump, but they need to be well maintained. The better a sex doll is maintained, the longer a sex doll lasts. Good maintenance therefore has a positive influence on the life of a sex doll. Conversely, environmental factors, such as exposure to extreme heat and UV light, naturally also affect the life of a sex doll. Therefore, each doll comes with an additional cleaning kit to keep your doll in good condition.

User damage
In normal use, a sex doll may show some user damage over time due to wear and tear. This includes, for example, damage to the TPE (cracks, discoloration, etc.). The life of a sex doll can be extended by repairing these damages. It’s pretty easy to make small repairs to a sex doll yourself. Dutchdoll likes to think along with you for a suitable solution.