On this page you will find frequently asked questions about various topics related to DutchDoll® models.

What are lifelike sex dolls from DutchDoll® made of?

To ensure a lifelike experience, all DutchDoll® models feature ultra premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). This is a skin-like material which makes our dolls look lifelike. This material is velvety soft and easily absorbs your own body heat. TPE is safe, hypoallergenic and elastic. In addition, the DutchDoll® dolls feature a metal skeleton. This internal skeleton provides strength to the body. It also allows you to put your DutchDoll® in all sorts of human positions.

In what positions can I put my sex doll from DutchDoll®?

The internal metal skeleton of each DutchDoll® allows the doll to be placed in a variety of positions. A DutchDoll® sex doll can make any human movement. For example, stooping, kneeling, and turning the torso. Do you also want to put your DutchDoll® upright? That is also possible! Every DutchDoll® comes standard with a standing function.

What options does my sex doll from DutchDoll® come with?

Our stock models are ready-made and therefore not customizable. Optional different eye color and/or wig are available at an additional cost. All of our DutchDoll® models are equipped with many free extras, such as a standing foot, fixed vagina and ultra premium TPE.

Are you interested in a customized sex doll from DutchDoll®? Then request an obligation free quote and you will receive a customized proposal from us.

Does my DutchDoll® come with a fixed or removable vagina?

All our DutchDoll® models come standard with a fixed (=built-in) vagina. A built-in vagina provides a lifelike experience and guarantees the ultimate orgasm.

Would you prefer a DutchDoll® with a removable vagina? Then request an obligation free quote and you will receive a customized proposal from us.

Does my DutchDoll® come with a standing function?

All our DutchDoll® models come standard with a standing function. The foot is fitted with three metal bolts at the bottom. This option provides extra strength and allows your doll to stand upright.

How long can I use the heating element?

You can use the heating element to heat the body of your DutchDoll®. This provides a pleasant sensation and lifelike experience. We recommend that you do not use the heating element for more than 20 minutes at a time. Also, stay near your doll at all times when using the heating element.

How should I maintain my DutchDoll® sex doll?

Maintaining a sex doll from DutchDoll® is essential. We give you helpful tips and advice on maintenance, cleaning and doll care.

Tip 1:Cleaning the body of your DutchDoll
Clean the body of your DutchDoll® every 6-8 weeks. This advice applies even when you have not used your doll. Always use mild products for cleaning. Household cleaners such as all-purpose cleaner, chlorine or dish soap are too aggressive and can damage the material of your doll. Also, avoid scrubbing your doll too hard. This can lead to wear and tear.

Products for very sensitive skin are ideally suited to cleanse the body of your DutchDoll®. Using a microfiber cloth – or a soft washcloth – and a lather of a mild shower gel, gently cleanse the body. Rinse the body a little more with a little water. Then gently dry the body with a soft cloth.

Prevent the neck area of your DutchDoll® from coming into contact with water at all times. This is because the head of your sex doll is connected to her torso with a metal pin. If this pin comes into contact with water, it can rust.

Tip 2: Intimate hygiene of your DutchDoll®
Clean the vagina, anus and/or mouth of your DutchDoll® thoroughly after each use. Accumulated dirt is in fact a source of bacteria and fungi. Use a vaginal (intimate) shower to rinse the openings clean. Dry the openings with a microfiber cloth. This is a soft cloth that will not damage the openings.

Tip 3: Skin care of your DutchDoll®
Have you cleaned and dried the body of your DutchDoll®? Time to take care of the skin. This will keep your doll in good condition and ensure that the doll regains its original softness. You can use baby powder (talcum powder) for this purpose. Always do this when the skin is completely dry because otherwise you won’t get an even result. To distribute, use a soft makeup brush and move from left to right and top to bottom. If you’ve done it right, the doll will feel velvety soft and will smell wonderful.

Tip 4: Handle your DutchDoll® with care
Do you want to prevent damage to your DutchDoll®? Then always handle your doll with care. It is important to be alert for sharp objects, as they can cause damage to the skin and/or skeleton. So make sure that there are never sharp objects (such as keys, tweezers or knives) near your DutchDoll®. Also, never expose your DutchDoll to direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures. This leads to wear and aging of the thermoplastic elastomer.

Keep in mind that dark clothing or furniture may rub off. It is therefore important to wash dark outfits 2-3 times before use, as this significantly reduces the risk of staining. Also, always put on an extra layer of protection under the outfit, such as skin-colored tights. This works well against shedding.

The shedding of clothing and furniture is not always avoidable. If an outfit did leave unsightly stains, most stains disappear on their own over time. You can also try to remove stubborn stains with some benzoyl peroxide gel.

How long will my DutchDoll® sex doll last?

With normal and careful use, a sex doll from DutchDoll® will last for years. Of course, there are numerous factors involved that determine the ultimate lifespan. These are mainly the maintenance of the doll, the use (frequency, intensity) and the exposure to external factors (sunlight, heat, chemicals).

How do I know I am shopping safely?

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