How to identify fake dolls

More and more counterfeit dolls have been sold recently. On the internet it is really hard to determine whether a doll is real or fake. To be able to determine whether a doll is real or fake, you can pay attention to the following:

  • Lower price than elsewhere
  • Longer delivery time than 1 week. All our dolls are shipped from the Netherlands and will be delivered within 1 week in Europe
  • The shop is not affiliated with a quality mark
  • No possibility to view the doll in a real store
  • Deviating sizes
If in doubt, ask us whether the reseller is reliable.

Have you already ordered, then read here how you can ensure that your model is really from DutchDoll.

  • All our dolls are provided with a Dutch and English manual.
  • A neutral white cloth is supplied with all dolls. With some counterfeits this is in pink.
  • The TPE must never feel sticky. Not even after a few days.

When in doubt, our advice is always to return your doll.