Coming soon

The developments in the field of sex dolls have gone extremely fast in recent years. This year we also expect a number of very beautiful dolls to come on the market.

A number of these are currently being developed by DutchDoll. In January already two new dolls of 157 cm will be launched together with our special sex doll Elise. 

For almost a year we have been working on the development of lifelike copy of Elise (Siswet19). Together with her, we have simulated all her body measurements. We also applied an extra good quality TPE which makes it feel extremely real.

At the end of January, we expect to be able to offer this model in a limited edition. Below a few concept photos.

Siswet19 body Siswet19 tits Siswet19 ass Siswet19 pussy Siswet19 face