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Top quality sexdolls from The Netherlands

We sell high quality sexdolls for low prices. Most of our dolls are on stock. We will deliver your sexdoll fast and discreet.

About We are a Dutch based company that is specialized in sexdolls (also referred to as love dolls). We have sold many dolls during the past years from WM Dolls and SY Doll and we now have started our own brand as well.

DutchDoll is part of DVWZ, which is one of the larger resellers in the Netherlands for dolls from WM Doll, SY Doll and JY Doll. Recently we have created our most realistic dolls so far and we sell them under the brand name DutchDoll. These dolls are made in cooperation with famous pornstars like Siswet. These dolls look and feel exactly like the real actresses that we worked with.

All of our sexdolls are made from high quality TPE. Our dolls are completely safe and healthy to use. Find us on: Dollsbook
Customization Every customer is unique and has its own preferences. We therefore offer a wide variety of dolls and options. Whether you like a blonde, brunette, a tall or a little girl, you can find them all. It is possible to change skin-, eye- and areole color. Besides that, it is possible to order a doll that can stand on its own feet.

If nothing in our catalogue suits your preferences, let us know! There is much more that we can deliver.
Delivery As soon as your order is placed, we will start the production of your doll. In general, it takes 2-4 weeks to deliver your sexdoll. If you live in Europe and you order one of the models that is in stock, your order can be delivered within a week. We will always send your doll in a plain and discreet package. If you are a business customer we can deliver based on dropshipping.

All dolls can be send to an address of your choice. It is also possible to pick-up your order at our office in The Netherlands.
Prices It's our goal to provide you with the lowest possible price. If a competitor has an item online at a lower final price, we will try to match that price. We are always transparant about our prices and products and therefore all prices are including tax.



Lowest prices in Europe


Extremely realistic

The skin is made of soft and realistic TPE

Recent Blog Posts

  • New Sexdolls
    New Sexdolls

    This week we have added 4 new models to our range. We have chosen two models of 155 cm and two of 158 cm.

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  • Sex robot - partner of the future?

    Robots and artificial intelligence are becoming more common. We are increasingly asked when the first sex robot comes on the market. In this article we explain what kind of developments there are currently, what the limitations are and when we will launch the first sex robots on the market.

    How do we define a sex robot?

    People have different images and ideas about sex robots. Some see it purely as lust objects, which can not do much more than moan. Others see it as a real partner with whom you can enter into a pleasant conversation. We choose the latter category. For us, a sex robot is a robot that looks human, behaves humanly and can do everything that a real person can do. A robot with which you can chat comfortably on the couch and has your own will, we see as the future.

    Artificial intelligence

    The first steps towards artificial intelligence have already been taken.

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  • Privacy and anonymous shipping

    We are often asked about how a doll is sent and what is meant by discrete shipping. In this article we explain exactly which shipping methods we use and how we guarantee your privacy.

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  • Interview with sexdoll owner Ron
    Interview with sexdoll owner Ron

    A few weeks ago we delivered sex doll Roxy to Ron. Ron invited us for a cup of coffee and a delicious pie and we got talking about his lifestyle. In this interview, he talks about his relationship with these dolls and how he sees the future ahead.

    When did you buy your first doll?
    June 2018.

    What was the reason for you to purchase a sex doll?
    That I finally found the doll that I found attractive and could also pay financially. I have been following this world since 2015. Because there is now much more possible in the field of personalizing a doll, I have taken the step to make it a reality. I do not have the doll just for sex as they are unfortunately sold, my doll is much more than that.

    Why did you choose these models?
    The most important thing is if you buy a doll that you really feel attracted to in the outside area. That makes it easier from the start that you get the doll, because you will

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  • Coming soon
    Coming soon

    The developments in the field of sex dolls have gone extremely fast in recent years. This year we also expect a number of very beautiful dolls to come on the market.

    A number of these are currently being developed by DutchDoll. In January already two new dolls of 157 cm will be launched together with our special sex doll Elise. 

    For almost a year we have been working on the development of lifelike copy of Elise (Siswet19). Together with her, we have simulated all her body measurements. We also applied an extra good quality TPE which makes it feel extremely real.

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