About us

At Dutchdoll we believe that when you order a realdoll, you expect topquality and you like to recieve it as soon as possible. When you order a doll at DutchDoll, we will start production right away and the delivery time for a customized doll will be around 3 weeks. If you select a more standardized doll, which is in stock, this can even be reduced to less then a week.

Only the best

Many dolls were tested during the past years in order to guarantee the best quality. We have sold many dolls from WMDoll, JYDoll and SYDoll. Recently we have started own brand DutchDoll. All dolls are made from high quality TPE. This material looks and feels like real skin. 


All dolls from DutchDoll are made in cooperation with the actress that they represent. All measurements are copied. Our dolls are the most realtic on the market.

Top quality, low price

We have chosen to focus on a limit number of high quality dolls and we are able to offer them for good price. 


We are always transparant towards our customers. Our images and specifications are accurate, and we only offer new and top quality products.

Our company

DutchDoll was started by two entrepreneurs in 2017, who have been working in this business for several years. We have build great relationships with some of our suppliers and we are still impressed by the quality of our products. Although we have served many happy customers, this still feels like a hobby.